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Endless Loop Necklace

I saw one of my customers loop the necklace I had made on her wrist. At that point an idea was born.
This piece took the longest time to create. I wanted to get it just right with the color combinations, the shape and the overall look.
It went through different phases until I am finally in love with this necklace.

This necklace is one continuous sting. The focal point is a Turquoise Swarovski crystal heart which you insert into the loop to hold the necklace in place.
Colors and materials used:
Sapphire glass beads, Emerald Crystal glass beads, Light Sapphire glass beads and Peridot Green bumpy glass beads.
Silver plated beads were added to complete the look.
Versatile looks can easily be created with this necklace.You can wrap it 2-3 times around the neck. You can wear it as a long necklace. you can wrap it around your arm like a big bracelet. Found a great way to use it? let me know!

The heart is authentic Swarovski crystal!

I wanted to try out similar design but with more color combination this time:
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This is a gallery item that is no longer available. If you still like me, contact us, we will try to make one in the spirit of the item just for you.

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